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Tru or Die Chiraq Video Game

Tru or Die Chiraq creators just dropped the new trailer ahead of their May 16th 2022 launch of the game on STEAM. I got a chance to test and play the game early, and I love it. Tru or Die Chiraq is developed by Shade Films, executive produced by Kevin Watson, and the CEO is Tru Hunnit. Aside from the video game itself I love the fact that the setting is in Chicago, and made by Chicago creators.

The mechanics of the game are user friendly especially if you already use to PC Gaming and playing with a keyboard and mouse. As far as the graphics they have been updating them, and for this to be their first game it looks good. It was created with the Unreal 4 Engine, but I did see post stating that they have been doing Unreal 5 Engine updates to different aspects of the game.

Tru or Die Chiraq has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to see their studio become bigger. With more support and more resources I can already see this franchise dominating the gaming world and becoming as big as GTA if not bigger. It is a M rated third person shooting game and you are able to do drills that are online multiplayer, sell drugs, go to the studio to record, ride around in fancy cars, and many other fun things.

For more news and updates on the game visit their page True or Die Chiraq

"Tru Or Die: Chiraq has recently been undergoing major improvements & working with new technology.

Including - Facial Mocap - Upgraded Character Models - Ported UE5 - Larger Map - New ue5 chaos vehicles update - Major Vehicle Improvements - Better Performance - New Locomotion - Improved Shooting Mechanics - Post Processing Improvements - UE5 Lumen Implementation Currently Story Mode Mechanics & Physics is being replicated to drill mode. The Current State of Drill Mode will soon be deprecated"

-Via Tru or Die Chiraq Creators

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