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Steam Deck Unboxing + Call of Duty Warzone

I received the new Steam Deck from Valve (Steam Deck Store), and enjoying the features it has to offer. It comes with Linux Steam OS, but I did download the Windows OS instead and added it to the Steam Deck, because I wanted to be able to download Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, and other PC Games that aren't available playable through Stream. The process did take hours I also had to get an additional 1TB Sandisk Extreme SD Card, because I have the basic 64GB version which doesn't hold anything.

I downloaded windows 10 onto the Steam Deck, then I downloaded Blizzard and Warzone. The download took an hour on my 1TB Extreme Sandisk sd card on my 64GB Ram Steam Deck. I had a big issue with the Steam Deck controllers not working. I later figured out you have to MAP the keys within the Call of Duty Warzone Game Settings to the Steam Deck controls. Eventually, I got it to work, and so far the game and graphics looks good.

The only issue I am having is there is absolutely NO AUDIO without having to use Bluetooth headsets, bluetooth speakers, or USBC. So far there hasn't been any audio drivers yet for Windows 10 on the Steam Deck. I will be uploading more Steam Deck videos this week.

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