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Saints Row Review & Gameplay

After playing hours of it early I give it a 8 out of 10. I will say being a fan of the franchise since 2006 it’s definitely not like the original ones, and they played it safe due to Cancel Culture.

I think many that have played the new Saints Row early were expecting the traditional activities such as robbing, killing, and explicit activities like the original ones. The new one reminds me more of a Watch Dogs type of game then of a GTA compared game like the originals. The new gameplay of Saints Row is more watered down story wise then of the originals.

As far as gameplay and mechanics of Saints Row I personally didn’t run into a lot of glitches as of yet that would make the game annoying to play, and as far as the graphics it was pretty good.

Overall, I still liked the new story of Saints Row and understood the direction they tried to take this one in, and still think a lot of people will enjoy playing it.

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