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As a kid growing up in Chicago the Chicago Bulls were iconic. Through their trials and tribulations Michael Jordan gave many of us Chicago kids hope, and courage to want to thrive and be successful. The "Jordan Challenge" hits home for me, and brings me back to nostalgic times during that era. The 2K Devs nailed the gameplay, movements, mechanics, commentary and most of all payed attention to detail to make the challenge very real and as if your watching that actual video footage while playing.

Being apart of the 2K NextMakers I was able to play features of the game early at 2K Community Day. The event was absolutely amazing, and I enjoyed playing the Jordan Challenge. The gameplay that is featured is "The Jordan Challenge" March 29th, 1982 NCAA Championship Tar Heels vs Georgetown. Although, I wasn't born yet during those iconic moments it felt surreal playing that game. Between the mechanics, gameplay, and video filter that turns the game into looking like the real vhs type footage from back in the day. It looks completely insane. I did like that in the settings you have the option to turn the filter on or off.

Below is the official gameplay for part 1 of the Jordan Challenge. I hope you all enjoy it, and please don't mind me losing LOL it was my first time playing with the settings on PRO. Make sure you grab your copy of NBA2K23 this Friday.

The Jordan Challenge Rewards for MyCareer and MyTeam

(Screenshot Credit goes to DFS DOE of 2K NextMakers)

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