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During the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend LA COMIC CON for the first time, and I had a blast. It was a pleasure to meet several comic artists, writers, producers, and directors. In addition to being at many panels, I enjoyed hearing what the entertainment industry had to say about many different topics.

Furthermore, LA COMIC CON had a very diverse community, and I enjoyed seeing cosplayers from all walks of life. In addition to collectibles, there were many vendor booths that sold cool pick-up items. My favorite comics that I was able to pick up and get signed by the creators were Niobe, Tap Dance Killer, Power Knights, and Lightning Strike. There are very interesting reads, and I would recommend purchasing a copy.

("Niobe," writer Sebastian of Stranger Comics)

("Tap Dance Killer," writer Ted Tap Dance Killer | Hero Tomorrow Comics)

Overall, the experience was positive, and I would encourage anyone to go to next year's LA Comic Con. You will enjoy the vendor booths, industry panels, networking, the food trucks, cosplay, collectibles, and more.

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