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Games As A Service - Popularity VS Innovation

Games As A Service - Popularity VS Innovation

By DJ Killzown Jones

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, And Call Of Duty Warzone have taken over the gaming industry with their free to play service model allowing anyone with a Console, PC, Phone or Tablet to play these games for free and across platforms even goes so far to force the hands of Sony and Microsoft to play nice so that all players can play. Epic is at war with Apple right now in court to lower the prices of their VBucks for Fortnite just to get more players to purchase skins, items and emotes in which Apple responded by pulling the game off the IOS store for breaching its terms of services. These games and several others like Rocket League, Rouge Company, SMITE, Brawlhalla have changed the conventional $60 -$70 retail game price because they all give players a taste before they reel them in with Cosmetics, Weapons, Experience Point and Progression Boost and Season Passes which over all of these things for $10-$15 bucks or double the price for Level or Tier Skips. Seasons Start with either themed or licensed content and/or additions to overall story narrative with cutscenes and limited timed events.

The problem with these games is as much as a community/social triumph they are by bringing us all new IPS or reinventing old ones, they along with annual or semi-annual releases of established series are slowly killing innovative games from reaching mass success in the market. Games that don’t fall in the Shooting or Sports genres won't get the same marketing push these days and the Battle Passes systems found in these games have bleed even into Single player and Multiplayer games. So this begs the question, will companies keep sacrificing the art form of the medium to get guaranteed money or will you see companies other than Sony And Nintendo put money into more Single Player and traditional multiplayer experiences? We also have to ask if the public wants to stick with one game and put money into it or will they go back to purchasing multiple games? Please Let us know in the comments and keep it locked here to Jiedao Gaming for all your gaming content.

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