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Custom JIEDAO Gaming PCS???

Anybody that knows me knows I love to MOD all my gaming consoles, accessories, or gaming PCs. Recently, I built my own gaming PC, because I wanted the ultimate experience for this years upcoming gaming season. What sparked my interest the most was the RTX 30 Series graphic cards. During the pandemic I kept hearing about them and seeing the out of control price gouging. It was way more worst trying to find one of these then it was with a PS5 or XBOX.

Finally, I was able to get my hand on a regular priced EVGA RTX 3080 12GB Ultra and decided to build my own. Luckily, I already had experience building regular PCs so the process was very easy for me. The build took me 2 hours to complete, and I did an amazing job getting everything to work properly and wired professionally. I enjoyed building one so much that I also helped my nephew build his very first gaming PC as well.

I will be selling custom Jiedao Gaming PCs in the site shop, and all PC parts will have a 1 year manufacture warranty. If there is any part defects and stops working on its own it will be covered under warranty. Personal damage such as dropping the PC, water damage, taking the computer apart and damaging a part will not be covered. The gaming PC will be starting at $1000 depending on the parts, aesthetic, and labor.

If you are interested in a Jiedao Gaming PC please email so we can quote you the best price.

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