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C2E2 X DJ Killzown Jones

Chicago Comic And Entertainment Expo or C2E2 for short is one the largest and prestigious comic con's in the entire country and is produced by ReedPop the Producers Of Penny Arcade Expo And Star Wars Celebration. C2E2 2023 was my first time at the show and my first official show as a content creator and I had to rep my Jiedao Gaming And Dubby Energy Family while I was out there in my one of one hoodie with all of our logos. I would like to thank both ReedPop and C2E2 for inviting to the show and this was the first year the invited Content Creators to the show. McCormick Place hosted this years C2E2 from Friday March 31st thru to Sunday April 2nd 2023 and its located in the heart of downtown Chicago.

McCormick Place is connected to a few hotels including the Hilton, the Hyatt, The Marriot with local flavor's Giordano's Pizzeria, Harold Chicken and more close by to enjoy before and after each day at the con. C2E2 show floor is humongous housed in McCormick south hall was the size of almost three football fields and was packed to the brim with Vendor booths, Cosplay and Gaming Zones, Artist Alley and more with the back of the hall being used for Celebrity meet and greets, autographs and photo ops.

Panels and Special events where held on the fourth and fifth floors of the convention center and they where awesome. Chris Pratt, Zachary Levi, Johnny Yung Bosh, and the entire cast of both Boy Meets World and X-Men The Animated Series where some of my highlights for the weekend and their where dozen's of other panels. Artist Alley had industry legends like Scott Synder and Brian Azzarello of Batman Fame, as well Charles Soule from Star Wars. My Friend Steenz with her comic strip Heart Of The City was there, as well as Nostalgia Critic himself Doug Walker was also there as well. I also got my hand on some dope black comics 2Land and 4:15 from Wilde Man Publishing and 2Land Comics as well as amazing merch from ThetKraftyChick and the Hip Hop Anime And Gaming Collective.

My Favorite booths by far were from TrisRex Studio, Controller Chaos and Galloping Ghost

Alien Resurgence is a Colossal Creature Designer And Creature/Armor FX Artist Tristian Johnson and his team at TrisRex Studio that faithfully recreates and reimagines The Alien Queen And Royal Guard Alien from the ALIEN film franchise from 20th Century Fox. TrisRex creature art is just a terrifying as they are on screen and I wouldn't be surprised if Disney/Fox Studios reaches out to him for the next entry in the ALIEN saga.

Controller Chaos is a custom controller company based in my hometown of Saint Louis Missouri with controllers for PS4/PS5 Xbox/Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch And Game Cube and you can even submit your own design for your 1 of 1 custom controller.

Galloping Ghost is the famed Arcade and Pinball Galley in the Chicago Area and they brought out a slew of games from their archives, like the Godzilla Arcade Game, Punisher, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and more

C2E2 is bar none one of the best Comic Cons I've every attended from the events, the panels, the huge show floor there was plenty to see and do there was never a dull moment Cosplayers came out in full force, the Artists and Vendors where amazing and you can feel the love from all the fans walking into McCormick Place. On Behalf of myself and I have to thank again both C2E2 and ReedPop for inviting me out to cover the event, no the experience because there is no other like it.

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