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Best Streaming Equipment To Start Streaming Professionally

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

People always hit me up with questions on what is the best gaming equipment to start streaming, and how to start streaming? Below are my list of suggestions, and again these are my opinions from personal use. When it comes to gear each person is going to have different preferences that they are comfortable with. You will need a video capture card, camera, green screen(recommended), streaming software, microphone, and headsets.

Video Capture Card

A video capture card is needed to be able to capture your gameplay from your console to be able to stream from your PC. Professional streamers use their PC to capture their gameplay and stream, because it enables them to be able to create better overlays for their streams, better camera quality, more control, and cleaner content. Also a video capture card must be bought in order to stream professionally. (Only needed if you are streaming from Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or any other gaming console aside from PC)

  • Elgato HD 60s- Streams and records 1080p HD also can go up to 4K video quality streaming. The cost is $187.00 on AMAZON Elgato is one of the best selling gaming brands.

  • Avermedia GC553- Streams and records in 4K I use this brand and I absolutely love it. It cost $178.00 on AMAZON


  • Logitech Brio 4K- 4K Video Streaming which gives you excellent camera video quality when streaming on Twitch or on other gaming platforms. Currently on sale on AMAZON for $128.00 normally $199.99

  • Logitech C920e HD -1080P HD its a good streaming camera for starters that offers good camera quality at a low cost of $60.51 on AMAZON

  • Canon EOS M200 DSLR- 4K Mirrorless Digital Camera, LCD, great for blogging and streaming as well as being able to be used as a on the go camera. DSLR cameras typically are the best cameras to use especially with streaming, because they are not webcams and the video quality is more professional and clear. They are also way more expensive then webcams. This Canon EOS M2OO Camera cost $549.99 on AMAZON

Green Screen

A green screen is needed if you do not want to show the background in your camera, and would like to have control over the background scenery. Some streamers don't use them and just decorate the background of the room their in.

  • Elgato Green Screen- Best selling green screen that is portable and easy to use. The cost is $159.99 on AMAZON

  • Gaming Chair Green Screen- If you are on a budget this green screen is great because it connects to your gaming chair and only cost $5 at FIVE BELOW

Streaming Software

Last but not least you will need to get a Windows Streaming Software that enables you to be able to stream, and create overlays for your stream.

  1. Stream Labs- Is the most popular software and software I use, and is typically FREE to use when going live with only one account. If you would like to go live on multiple accounts such as Facebook, YouTube, or twitch at the same time their is a $19.99 subscription for Stream Labs Prime. (If you are a PARTNER or AFFILIATE of any of the streaming platforms be cautious because on some partnerships or programs you are not allow to stream with them and another opposing platform at the same time or you could lose your partnership) (ONLY MADE FOR PC)

  2. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)- It can be used for PC, MAC, and LINUX the only issue is that you have to find or create your own OVERLAYS (graphic designs) whereas on stream labs their is already premade overlays to use.


  • Beacn- I personally use this mic for my live streams, and it sounds very clear, crisp, and professional. You can also change the settings within its own BEACN software to be able to fine tune the microphone the way you would like. This mic also gives off the same quality as the SHURE mics or any XLR mic. It does cost $279.99 but it is absolutely worth the cost. It is available on AMAZON

  • HyperXCastS- The quality is great as a startup USB microphone, and has RGB it has good quality. The price is $119.99 and available on AMAZON

  • FIFINE- If you are looking for a start up USB gaming microphone with decent quality and a low cost this RGB mic is only $36.99 on AMAZON


I recommend purchasing the JIEDAO Branded gaming/music headsets of course. The quality is great, cost is great, and has noise cancelling and also a detachable mic. Purchase now on JIEDAO STORE

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